New Energy
Business Group

SIC started our renewable energy business early back in 2008. We had set up the New Energy Business Group (NEG), starting to invest in the solar photovoltaic industry. Our business was mainly focused on the distribution of PV equipment initially, then gradually brought the whole EPC contract into our service category. As our business expanded, we noticed more and more actual needs of customers. Therefore, SIC established a new subsidiary company named EnergyGuard to focus on the operation and maintenance service. We also established another new branch in the USA, introducing the research and development technology of an advanced country back into Taiwan.

NEG's business performance growth stably. Our most localized and intimate services let us establish an excellent reputation among all customers. Through the integration of energy management capabilities that SIC has developed all these years, we actively press ahead of the renewable energy industry and implement civic responsibility. These make us become a member who can lead the energy transition.